on-metal NFC Tags

on-metal tags
on-metal tags

The regular NFC Tags or NFC labels don’t work if placed on metal. These special NFC tags can be applied on the metal surfaces, because they are with a layer of ferriee that protects the magnetic fiels.

Do you know why the NFC tags can not work on the metal ? Because NFC Tags work by electromagnetic induction, metal inviroment can interfere the it and reduces the performance of the NFC TAGS’s antenna,effectively and stopping it creating the current needed to power the chup. Then we use a specail “an-ti metal” layer on the tag. It is a ferrite foil barrier between the tag and the adhesive layer.
So we called it on-metal NFC tags .

The on metal NFC tags are same as NFC tag. If you want to more information about NFC tags, please see below articles:

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We produce many products have a special isolation layer allowing them to work on metal, for instance when placed on a metallic laptop case or other metal environment. Please kindly contact us (info@dorfidgroup.com) for free sample