NFC Business Card

NFC is found everywhere these days from credit cards to door locks, but must importantly: your smartphone! With a few simple steps and relatively low costs you can create a digital business card that uses NFC and can be read by a smartphone to transfer contact information. This high-tech solution makes exchanging your contact information not only fast and easy, but also makes you look very cool!

NFC business cards are a fascinating idea in business card design. While it is gaining attention, not many business card printing services offer this option. In fact, the only service reviewed by Top Ten Reviews that offer near field communication business cards is Moo. It’s very likely, with this technology gaining traction, that more business card printing services will soon offer this feature as well.

What can Business Cards do?

1. Make a Digital Business Card

Tap to quickly call, message or save contact details

2. Add a Website link

Share your website, portfolio, online event invite and more

3.Connect your social networks

All your online profiles, all together, all on tap

4.Promote your app

Share your Google Play download instantly

5. Share your playlist

Via Spotify, the modern “I made you a mixtape”

6. Network on LinkedIn

Group video conversation invite, literally on tap
D.O RFID Group printed NFC business cards for mobile marketing. They are available to buy printed double sided with a PVC coated gloss finish. When the card is touched to an NFC enabled mobile device, the NFC chip inside the business card transmits specific actions to the device. These NFC actions include download a vCard, open a mobile website, map a location, and other easy contact options. The data stored on the card can be updated depending on the intended functionality.