NFC Enabled Playing Cards


The new RFID playing cards are made from paper and exactly same as the regular cards. But each playing card is embedded with a passive 13.56 MHz RFID tag containing an NXP Semiconductors Mifare RFID chip. The tag is flexible, and does not change the feel of the playing cards,RFID enabled playing cards, these are high quality plastic playing cards which are RFID enabled, they look, feel and play just like normal playing cards.The RFID technology guaranteed accurate production.All players were thrilled about the way it worked. Because it can be with NFC chip inside.It also called NFC enabled playing cards.

NFC enabled cards RFID enabled cards are a perfect complement to smartphones and tablets as gaming
platforms: the majority of these devices are NFC-enabled, mobile games and collectible cards share
family-friendly price levels, and they fit perfectly into a player’s pocket.

Enhancing the mobile gaming experience
NFC-enabled cards can be used as active elements within a game, enhancing the playing experience. For example, a character depicted on an NFC-enabled collectible card can be introduced into a mobile game by simply tapping the phone on it.

Such NFC inlays need to be particularly thin and inexpensive, without sacrificing functionality and
reliability. For mobile gaming brands and developers, NFC-equipped cards will open up new revenue
streams from additional licensing opportunities. As an additional benefit, our NFC enabled smart cards can also facilitate brand protection and further enhance product authentication.

Opening up potential markets
Promotional, casino and collector cards produced every year represent an extremely interesting market
that could, in turn, benefit from mobile gaming growth, if both areas are connected via NFC/RFID

Playing with cards connects people, just like online social media would do. But the true magic of
playing cards and card games lies in the physicality and in the playing rituals. You shuffle the
cards, you bend the cards, you deal the cards…nothing beats that tactile aspect of the product.

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