NFC nail sticker

With wearable tech being integrated into fashion more each day, it was only a matter of time before it made its way into the beauty/ cosmetics industry.

D.O RFID Grouop create unique nail art shines slim stickers night NFC Near Field Communication wireless RFID technology light clean gel acrylic cured polish compatible smart .
These nail stickers contains a small circuit and a LED light that is powered by NFC (Near Field Communications) signal, no battery will be needed. It should be sealed onto nails with gel or acrylic before painted over (leave the LED unpainted so you don’t cover up the light), we do not recommend using regular nail polish directly over these stickers as it may erode the circuit.

This sticker have LED which shines to catch the NFC radio The NFC nails  will be flashing when closed to A NFC Smart Phone.

See picture and know how to use the NFC Nail stickers.

Please kindly contact us ( to custom your NFC Nails .

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