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D.O RFID Group help our customers develop their NFC knowledge and expertise, and successfully launch NFC.

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D.O RFID Group is a one-stop company for all things NFC. We can provide everything from personalized tags to custom reader and application development.

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Throughout this site you will learn what near field communication is, where it came from, how it  grown, and what it has to offer to individuals and businesses.


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We look at this emerging technology from the point of view of both the individual consumer interested in how near field communication can make her life easier and also from the point of view of businesses both large and small considering the incorporation of near field communication technology into their stores. Whether for profit or personal use, you can find ways that near field communication can prove useful in helping your customers or accomplishing your own shopping needs faster.

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The widespread adoption of nfc has brought many opportunities, such as payment, sharing, and improved health care. We offer one-stop service from NFC TAG, NFC reader and more valuable information.


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