NFC wristbands

NFC Smart wristband

RFID Bracelets with integrated NFC chip, we called it NFC bracelet,NFC wristband,NFC smart watch.
RFID Wristbands with NFC TAG inside,compatible with all NFC-enabled devices,NFC smart phone or NFC scaner.

Depending on NFC wristbands material, they can be divided into silicone NFC wristbands, ABS NFC wristbands, woven NFC wristbands, PVC NFC wristbands, and paper NFC wristbands.

Different rfid wristbands for different events.NFC wristbands are widely used in identification, location control,ccess control, security, attendance, share information, can be extended to exhibitions, parks, hotels, restaurants, and other public places. We produce NFC wristbands that use the NTAG series chip, and HF(13.56MHz) frequency.

From this article, you know who to use the NFC tags, the NFC bracelets are same use way as the NFC Tags.

How the NFC tag works with your smart android phone ?

What information can you store in the NFC tag ?

NFC Wristbands are a fun and easy way to bring NFC to life. These durable, weather proof bands come in many colors and form factors for any indoor or outdoor deployment. The IC is completely customizable, which allows us to tailor your bands to fit any NFC, LF, or HF application. This product is also immediately saleable. Whether you need a hundred bands for a quiet wine tasting, or tens of thousands for on Amphitheatre Concert Event, D.O RIFD Group is your premium choice for NFC Wristbands

As a professional manufacturer of NFC wristbands, our products are made according to your customized requirements, and are tailored to your needs.

Having a high-quality NFC bracelet supplier is one of the most important components of your business, and you can trust MoreRFID because our products include a one-year warranty and lifetime maintenance!

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