A Guide to Choosing DO RFID Group RFID Inventory Tags

Guidelines by DO RFID Group to Choosing the Correct RFID Tag!

RFID inventory control tags are designed to simplify inventory management. This includes improving inventory accuracy, identifying and tracking assets, and more. RFID tags capture and read data via radio waves, scanning dozens or even hundreds of tags in a single reading.


Why Use RFID Technology for Inventory Management?

  • Reads multiple tags at once
  • RFID inventory tags can be integrated with sensors and GPS technology
  • Improved asset security through real-time alerts and alarms
  • Reduces time spent on inventory

Choosing the right RIFD tag is not an easy task. The material, life cycle, size, mounting method, personalization and etc. of the inventory product has to be taken into consideration. RFID inventory control tags must be durable. can help you choose the right RFID tags for inventory applications that meet your warehouse management requirements.

1. Flexible RFID Labels

  • Flexible ultra-thin labeling options
  • Primarily suitable for non-metallic labels on plastic packaging, cartons, etc.
  • Variable data process and printing
  • High volume production with minimal costs
  • Easy to print
  • Suitable for indoor use

2. Printable RFID On-Metal Tags

  • Designed for metal-resistant application environments
  • Suitable for indoor use
  • Multiple sizes available
  • Can be used on curved surfaces
  • Cost effective compared to other metal-resistant labels

3. Hard RFID Tags

  • Designed for more complex metal environments
  • Hard and durable
  • Multiple sizes available
  • Material: PVC, ABS, Plastic, PCB, etc.
  • Application on pallets, plastic packaging, metal shelves, etc.
  • Suitable for outdoor use

DO RFID GROUP has an experienced team that provides comprehensive RFID tagging services. If you are looking for the right RFID tags, contact HUAYUAN’s dedicated team !