Barcode Scanning with the New Wearable Hywear Compact xT

Thanks to its powerful barcode performance, 1D and 2D barcodes are scanned in a large scanning area quickly and effortlessly.

The new wearable HyWEAR compact xT from accelerates the acquisition of barcodes in logistic processes. Thanks to its powerful barcode performance, 1D and 2D barcodes are scanned in a large scanning area quickly and effortlessly.

Reliability, flexibility and speed are most important when handling components, goods and materials. The new extended barcode wearable HyWEAR compact xT makes it possible. With or without work gloves: thanks to the flexibly adjustable hand cuff, the scanner is comfortable to wear on the back of the hand. Both hands are always free to work.

Highest process reliability with easy handling

Flexibility is required to ensure smooth work processes. FEIG has therefore equipped its new wearable HyWEAR compact xT with a high-performance barcode scan engine that enables scaning of all common barcode types in an extended scan area. For the employees, this means much more ergonomic work steps.

The scanning process is triggered simply by thumb using a tactile switch. Visual feedback via the clearly visible status LEDs, the additional vibration feedback and acoustic signals ensure maximum process reliability and minimize the risk of incorrect scans.

The HyWEAR compact xT even adapts to process-related individual configurations independently and without any intervention by administrators. With a single scan of a configuration barcode, HyWEAR compact xT automatically adjusts itself to the function required for the work step.

Available and networked at any time

The battery is another plus of the scanner. Even in stressful shifts with thousands of barcodes that have to be booked into or out of the system, the HyWEAR compact xT does not fail. The exchangeable battery can be changed in seconds and ensures that the device is ready for use across shifts. The 4-bay battery charger guarantees a flexible workflow. Without changing scanners or interrupting work.

HyWEAR compact xT uses current wireless technologies for data transfer. Whether via Bluetooth or WLAN (2.4 GHz / 5 GHz) with roaming function – HyWEAR compact xT networks directly with the existing IT infrastructure with no need to be integrated via special receiving stations. This means that many devices can be used in parallel. Thanks to WLAN roaming, they can switch from one radio cell to the next without interruption, automatically.

Of course, HyWEAR compact supports the AES-based security standard WPA2 Enterprise, which is recommended for business radio networks.

The ideal solution for numerous applications

Complete documentation is essential in many industries. So it is mandatory that the recording steps hardly take up any time. The extended barcode wearable HyWEAR compact xT optimizes processes like order picking in logistics or internal material flows in production and thus contributes to a significant increase in process efficiency.

In addition to classic logistics applications, the wearable simplifies numerous other processes. From sorting and assignment of parcels at service providers to baggage handling at airports: the ergonomic HyWEAR compact xT accelerates the processes and ensures a significantly reduced error rate.