BLE 5.1 – What do Mesh Features and Position Determination Create?

An energy-saving, versatile, integral part of smartphones and devices in industry, commerce and healthcare.
How does BLE support the networking of objects and people?

More than 6 Billion Devices by 2024

In a study published together with ABI Research, the Bluetooth Special Interest Group (SIG) estimates that 6.2 billion Bluetooth-enabled devices will be supplied in 2024. This includes 1.14 billion connected devices for IoT applications and around 2.11 billion smartphones, tablets and PCs. 35 percent of these will be BLE-enabled devices.

By 2024, it is expected that all devices will be 100 percent dual-mode capable and thus support Bluetooth Classic and Bluetooth LE. The two technologies – Classic and LE – differ in the number and bandwidth of channels used, as well as the network topologies supported.

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