Checkpoint launches new RF merchandise protection label

Super Flag Tag – the next generation in product protection

, a global leader in source-to-shopper solutions has announced the launch of its new dual-purpose RF merchandise protection label – the Super Flag Tag.

The innovative, dual purpose, Super Flag Tag safeguards against theft and product tampering, enabling retailers and brands to protect a greater variety of products without obscuring messaging or impacting the planogram.

There is no other label on the market that combines these benefits, enabling visible Source Tagging without obscuring legal wording or branding.

The tamper resistant tag wraps easily around the corners of boxes, sealing the opening and features a large surface area with a high-bond adhesive making it difficult to remove without visibly damaging the products packaging.

Equipped with the world’s smallest best performing RF label range with optional Black Lock logo, proven to reduce shrink by up to 50%, Checkpoint’s Super Flag Tag is ideal for protecting small, high-risk items such as cosmetics, pharmaceutical goods and other accessories from theft, while the clear label ensures barcodes and other key information are not obscured.

Ivan Gosling – Product Manager EAS consumables at Checkpoint Systems, commented:

“The new Super Flag Tag combines the very best of our Micro label technology with the addition of the high-bond adhesive and optional Black Lock logo, adding another layer of security for retailers and brands, deterring theft and packaging tampering. this next-generation RF label is perfect for high-value items where visibility of branding and legal wording is essential.”

The new Super Flag Tag is available immediately.