CISC Launches New RAIN Xplorer Spy

Comprehensive RAIN air interface spy for effortless reader-tag-communication analysis!

We, from , are pleased to announce the launch of our new product – RAIN Xplorer Spy, a versatile software to make USB RF receivers a comprehensive RAIN air interface spy. It allows to verify tag and reader command content and timing.

Furthermore, it is a quick evaluation of the software controlling the air interface communication and reports issues that could result in functionality issues or performance degradation of an application. Purchase different Xplorer Spy license modules directly on our website.

Key Benefits

  • Analyse and solve reader-tag-communication problems
  • Match reader and tags properly for any environment
  • Portable and ready to use everywhere at any time (analyze on the “Go”)
  • Record data of reader-tag-behaviours at different sites and environments
  • Software, application and conformance check

Key Features

  • Spy functionality for a quick visualization of reader-tag issues
  • File-Management to save recordings
  • Advanced Communication Analysis
  • Conformance tester
  • GS1 EPC Gen2
  • ISO/IEC 18000-63
  • RAIN RFID Air interface

Approved Functionality

The Advanced Communication Analysis and the Conformance Tester verify whether the application settings and protocol use make sense and are as intended by the application developer. A full conformance tester checks whether all communication between reader and tag is according to the RAIN air interface.