DENSO launches BHT-S30 and BHT-S40 Handhelds

The new handheld terminals by DENSO offer an outstanding scanning performance and superior scanning range!

For more than 30 years, , member of the Toyota Group, has been developing state-of-the-art mobile computers that are ideal for industries such as logistics and transport, retail, production, healthcare, and sales and field service. The handheld terminals and scanners that the experts for mobile data collection have created are reliable, durable, and user-friendly.

Two of their newest creations are the BHT-S30 and BHT-S40 handheld terminals, which are now launched. The mobile computers stand out because of their scanning-excellence, which make them the perfect companions for users in areas where data has to be collected in bulk, for example, when handling the warehouse management or realizing the annual inventory in retail or logistics.

BHT-S30 and BHT-S40: reliable Companions for all Data Collection Processes

The major goal of DENSO’s new BHT-S30 and BHT-S40 mobile computers is to improve the users’ work efficiency with their outstanding scanning performance. Not only are the new handheld terminals able to read difficult labels such as smeared over, poorly printed or cracked ones, but they also offer a superior scanning range. Furthermore, they can even scan through glass. Other mobile data collection devices often reach their limit when having to scan through glass, but not DENSO’s BHT-S30 and BHT-S40.

The new decode engine and a high-resolution sensor enable the innovative scanning with the mobile computers. When compared to a conventional handheld terminal, the BHT-S30 and BHT-S40 clearly stand out: The mobile computers can scan codes from almost twice the distance of a conventional terminal. For instance, the new handhelds can read an ITF code from a scanning distance of up to almost 1.5 meters, while a conventional terminal can only reach about 0.8 meters. Also, the BHT-S30 and BHT-S40 can scan an EAN code from a distance of more than 0.5 meters. In contrast, a conventional terminal only manages a scanning distance of approximately 0.2 meters for EAN codes.

DENSO is the inventor of the QR Code, so naturally the BHT-S30 and BHT-S40 can scan QR Codes as well. The scanning distance is as far as 0.25 meters. A conventional terminal only offers a scanning distance of about 0.1 meters. More information about the QR Code, DENSO’s auto-ID solutions, scanners, handhelds, and RFID readers is available .

Quality meets Robustness meets Support

Innovation simply for the sake of innovation is not what DENSO is about. The BHT-S30 and BHT-S40 have passed rigorous quality tests for robustness and durability, even in the harshest conditions. In addition, the mobile computers are equipped with DENSO’s original DENSO-OS. The operation system has the advantage of stable operation and even if a problem occurs, DENSO offers long term support.

Their robustness makes the BHT-S30 and BHT-S40 handheld terminals ideal for indoor and outdoor applications, for instance, in logistics or retail. In logistics, users can scan and locate deliveries in real-time for tracking and tracing as well as improved route planning. In retail, users can collect data with precision, even if codes are damaged – whether it is for warehousing, ordering or sales management.

The mobile computers BHT-S30 and BHT-S40 accelerate those processes immensely: With their new decode engine and high-performance CPU, they can scan twice as fast as conventional readers, making everyday processes such as goods receipts and stock takings stress-free and easy.

Other advantages of the BHT-S30 and BHT-S40 are their light weight, ergonomic design, adjusted colour scheme, and high longevity of the keys. This makes the mobile computers particularly user-friendly and very easy to use, because the ergonomic handle and light weight enable comfortable long-term scanning with both handhelds without any signs of fatigue. DENSO WAVE EUROPE offers further information on the advantages of their new innovative mobile computers, other modern scanners and handhelds, mobile data collection, and the QR Code .

For the European market, DENSO WAVE EUROPE is the contact point for all enquiries on QR Codes, mobile data collection, handheld terminals, and scanners. The durable and robust terminals and scanners manufactured by DENSO are to be found in storage, logistics, at the POS, in production, and field & sales automation applications. Short and informative video clips about the terminals, scanners, and solutions from DENSO WAVE EUROPE can now be viewed on YouTube. The clips include the 20th anniversary of the QR Code, a company presentation, and introductions to the various devices for mobile data capture such as the BHT-1500, BHT-1400 and the GT20 scanner. For more information, click.