Everything Fits! Find your Favorite Jeans with RFID

RFID in +3,000 Levi’s Stores Worldwide

More than 50 Million Tagged Articles per Year

A lot has happened since Levi Strauss tailored the forefather of all jeans available today in 1870 with a pair of sturdy work pants. Today, Levi’s sells 120 jeans designs for men and 80 for women in more than 3,000 company-owned/franchise stores and more than 50,000 external retail locations on- and offline in 110 countries. On top of that, there are shirts, T-shirts, shoes, and much more.

But how does Levi’s ensure that customers visiting a store always find the one, exact match from the wide variety of products? Levi’s answers this question with RFID.

Stefan Otte, Levi Strauss & Co., in an interview with .