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Without RFID, there is no omnichannel – referred to this concise formula in his lecture at the first Think Wireless IoT Day “Retail & Logistics”. This statement is, of course, condensed, because RFID deployment in retail is not something that can be realized overnight. In his lecture, the RFID expert addressed three fundamental premises of how RFID technology significantly supports the transformation of retail into an omnichannel cosmos:

Without RFID there is no inventory accuracy, without inventory accuracy there is no omnichannel fulfillment, and without omnichannel there is no increase in efficiency and no increase in customer satisfaction.

Stephen Howells, Director, Systems in an interview with .

Stephen Howells is an experienced market development professional with a seasoned background in Auto ID, RFID & mobility. In almost all of his professional positions, the focus has been on the retail environment. At Checkpoint Systems, he transforms customer and market development requirements into business opportunities that support a growth strategy.