RFID & Wireless IoT Global 01/2020 now available as E-Paper

More up-to-date than ever: Innovations for retail, logistics and supply chain!

The first issue 2020 of was published on February 20th – just before the COVID-19 case numbers in Europe spiked.

With the spread of the pandemic, the topic of the issue “Retail, Logistics and Supply Chain” is more relevant today than ever before. The worldwide shutdowns are an extreme test of strength for retail and for the global logistics chains that are essential to the retail industry.

But what role do RFID and Wireless IoT play in this complex global crisis? Quite simply, contactless, radio-based solutions help automate processes and reduce the need for manual intervention. Contactless payment is very practical in retail. Still a niche solution in many places, payment by contactless credit and debit cards or NFC-enabled smart watches and phones has become a key element in curbing the spread of viruses in retail overnight, according to a WHO recommendation.

The first issue 2020 of RFID & Wireless IoT Global is now also publicly available as an e-paper.

International retail companies and brand owners report exclusively on the use of RFID, NFC & Co. in the supply chain, store and customer interaction. These companies have implemented processes, some of which combine online and offline worlds, and now, in times of extensive closures and distance regulations that will accompany us for months to come, they have an additional benefit: staying in business.

Check out RFID & Wireless IoT Global 01/2020 to find out how:

  • is using NFC solutions to help brand owners take digital customer interaction to the next level.
  • a robot fully equipped with technology from  supports the stationary retail trade in presenting consistently full shelves.
  • NFC/RFID and BLE technology from  helps prevent counterfeiting, monitor manufacturing processes and revolutionize payment processes in the gastronomy industry.
  • Reserved, a brand of fashion company , is integrating RFID into more than 500 stores for optimized inventory and anti-theft protection.
  • global RFID is rolling out at the item level to present customers with the item they need, when they need it.
  • the fashion retail chain reduced inventory expenditure by almost 90% and increased inventory accuracy to almost 100% with RFID.
  • jewelry and luxury watch retailer was able to integrate a powerful RFID solution in a challenging environment.
  • retail logistics service provider can 100% detect up to 400 trucks with 990 empty pallets each per week when passing through a gate.

Read about this and many other technology and use case stories in the interactive e-paper from RFID & Wireless IoT Global!

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