Think WIOT Day Smart City: Large-Scale Inner-City Events

The use of IoT platform and sensor technology at large-scale inner-city events!

How can the management and execution of major events be technologically optimized? How can a high added value be offered for organizers as well as for visitors?

Prof. Dr. Thomas Schmidt, HAW Hamburg, will speak on July 7th about safety measures and possibilities for noise reduction at large events. Using the city of Hamburg as an example, the focus will be on: Noise protection, increased sound quality and safety.

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EU project MONICA: Reducing Noise, Increasing Safety

The use of an IoT platform and sensor technology at urban events are part of the EU research project MONICA, which covers six cities. In Bonn, Copenhagen, Hamburg, Leeds, Lyon and Turin, different events were selected for which solutions were sought to increase safety and to reduce noise. In Hamburg, the focus is on the Hafengeburtstag and the Hamburger Dom.

Hamburger Dom: Increased Safety through Real-Time Wind Speed Measurement

One of the safety measures evaluated in Hamburg was the installation of sensors on the grounds of the Hamburger Dom. The tall superstructures of the rides can pose a danger to employees and visitors at high wind speeds, for example from falling objects.

“To minimize the danger, continuous data collection and evaluation in real time is required. With the help of the sensors, data is collected in real time, which triggers an alarm when wind speeds are too high. The data is collected, transmitted and finally displayed via standardized network protocols, data formats and interfaces. The evaluation of the measurement data then takes place in the MONICA backend cloud. Prerequisites, such as the permissible wind pressure on plants and structures, are taken into account. In the event of danger, timely and automated alerting of the responsible safety personnel can initiate precautionary measures,” explains Prof. Dr. Schmidt.

Learn more about smart safety solutions from the City of Hamburg at the Hamburger Dom and Hafengeburtstag live at Think WIOT Day on July 7th.

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