Think WIOT Day Smart City: Mobile Ticketing for Public Transport in Porto

Mobile BLE & NFC Ticketing System Successfully Implemented in the Porto Metropolitan Region!

Contactless payment in public transport in times of Covid-19? The Anda mobile ticketing system is based on NFC and BLE technology and offers the possibility of contactless payment in public transport. The main objective: to provide smooth and easy travel for passengers – regardless of the complexity of the transport network. The one-year pilot was conducted in the Porto Metropolitan Region (AMP). Anda has been fully operational there since 2018. Thousands of passengers use the mobile ticketing solution every day.

Marta Campos Ferreira, University of Porto, will report on the development, challenges and benefits of the Anda solution on July 7th.

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Prototype of the Mobile Ticketing System Tested with 140 Passengers

The Anda system is based on NFC and BLE technology with a check-in/be-out function. Passengers can tap an NFC-enabled smartphone to an NFC reader at a stop or in a means of transport to record the starting point of the journey for check-in. The exit station as well as intermediate stops along the way are automatically recorded. The price to be paid by the customer is calculated by a fare optimization algorithm that minimizes the cost to the passenger. The advantage: Passengers always pay the lowest price, taking into account the applicable fare rules. The micro-localization of passengers during the journey is realized via BLE technology.

In Full Operation Since June 2018

A total of 12 transport companies, consisting of metro, train, one public bus company and nine private bus companies use Anda as a means of payment. Nine months after launch, Anda has been downloaded a total of 27,326 times and 402,122 validations have been performed.

Learn more about the infrastructure and results of the test phase as well as the feedback from the test participants and the continued implementation process live on July 7th from Marta Campos Ferreira.

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