26 Ingenious Uses of NFC tags Open Your Eyes


NFC, short for Near Field Communication, is no longer an unfamiliar concept for us; for example, your mobile phone may have NFC function. What is an NFC tag? It is something interesting that could transport you to the smart world beyond the reaches of your imagination. And what can you do with NFC tags? There are some useful and creative ideas to open your eyes.

1、Smart Nail

NFC smart nails are an innovative combination of NFC tags and manicure art, refreshing our imagination of NFC tag uses once again.

Embed the NFC nail tag into your nail and stick it on your finger, and then it’s time to witness miracles. You no longer have to worry about forgetting your bus card, access card, elevator card, payment card, etc. NFC smart nail can help you accomplish all your tasks.

smart nfc nails

2、Smart Clothes

I’m not kidding. NFC Smart clothes already exist. Arrow launches smart shirts with built-in NFC tags.

Consumers can set the tag information, such as the company address you want to visit today, the web page you often visit, turning your phone to silent during meetings, etc. And all you need to do is touch the NFC tag on the shirt with your phone.

nfc tag uses of cloths

3、Wedding Invitation

Choosing an NFC bracelet or NFC wedding card as your NFC wedding invitation instead of traditional wedding invitations sounds great.

You can write data in the tag, in addition to wedding information, including your video, audio, or pictures. And every guest will receive their unique wedding invitation. You’ll hear “wow” due to its romantic and special.

nfc wedding invitation

4、Electronic Skin -Digital Tattoos

Amazingly, NFC tags can be used in this way. Digital tattoo, developed by VivaLnk, is actually an electronic skin with an embedded NFC tag.

The thin adhesive, worn around the wrist, can communicate seamlessly with a smartphone. Electronic authentication helps users unlock their phones, making the process faster, easier, and more secure.

nfc tag uses of human

5、Shelves -Talking Store

It will be a good promotion if your supermarket shelves could “talk”. Kraft Foods did it, which used NFC tags in American supermarkets.

Shoppers can retrieve useful content every time they encounter a shelf tag, including special offers, instructional videos, or recipes, and share them with someone.

Also, customers will be invited to download Kraft’s iFood Assistant app to browse more recipes, generate shopping lists, and find the nearest store at home.

nfc  tags for retail

6、Anti-theft Handbag

What difference would it make if you put an NFC tag on the handbag? Aki Choklat uses NFC tags on its designer handbags, in conjunction with APP and cloud-based authentication services.

You can identify their bag with a single touch, and you can know when and where it was made. It can also create a journey log that you can track if your bag is stolen.

nfc tags used for bag anti-counterfeiting

7、Travel with NFC-NFC Passport

SAS used the NFC tag as a smart passport for VIP customers. This special “passport” can be affixed to the back of the customer’s mobile phone. It has the passport’s function and allows customers to carry out priority security checks and even enter the VIP terminal, convenient and fast, enhance the customer’s user experience.

Now many countries have built NFC tags into passports to make passports really smart.

NFC Passport

8、Business Cards

For people with poor memory, NFC business cards are like timely rain. You don’t need to worry about missing out on potential clients by forgetting your business card, and you can avoid the embarrassment of not having a business card when someone asks for one.

NFC business card is environmentally friendly and easy to use. With a single touch, you can share your contact information, company name, website address, etc.

nfc business cards

9、Share your WiFi Password Securely

I guess you have the same problem that always being asked what your WIFI password is. A small NFC tag can get you out of this mess, and you don’t have to tell them the password.

You can write the WiFi password in the NFC tag and post it in a conspicuous place in the living room, such as on the table or next to the router, and everyone can connect to WIFI with a single touch.

Share your wifi password with NFC tag

10、Pet Identification and Tracking

For pet hospitals or pet management centers, pet tags can quickly identify pets and record their healthy and feeding status, convenient for pet management.

For individuals, you can write data in the NFC tag, including pet names, medical records, owner’s contact information, and detailed information to prevent it from getting lost.

Manage your pets with NFC tags

11、Automatically Switch Navigation Mode

How many steps do you need to switch your phone to navigation before driving? I only need one step, one second. Why? Because I put a pre-set NFC label near the dashboard, it would automatically and quickly switch to navigation mode whenever my phone touched it.

You can also use the same way to quickly connect your phone to your car’s Bluetooth, which is convenient and timesaving.

Try nfc mobile phone quick navigation

12、Make Your Home Smart

Nowadays, smart homes are hot, and NFC tags are an ideal smart-home solution that you can enjoy the convenience and enjoyment of technology with less money.

Write the relevant data to the NFC tag, and NFC tags are capable of controlling smart devices in your home, including smart light bulbs, smart TV, smart washing machine, smart refrigerator, etc.

nfc tag make your furniture smart


NFC keyfob is a kind of special NFC tag, also called the NFC keychain. You can use it as an access card, payment card, etc. And you can also program it to complete a task you often do on the go, quick and convenient, for example, quickly firing up your favorite playlist or turning on the phone’s navigation. 

nfc keyfob

14、Create a Hotspot

Create an NFC anti-metal tag enable to turn on your phone’s portable Wi-Fi hotspot, and then place it on your laptop, is very useful and convenient. When you need an internet connection to check something or handling work matters on your laptop on the road, you can turn it on with a quick tap.

Create a Hotspot

15、Get Your Game On

NFC tags and chips can be built into many electronic products, which gives them the ability to connect and interact quickly and provides more imagination for some games and entertainment products. Nintendo and Sony have brought NFC to the game field.

Nintendo unveiled amiibo, a physical toy with a built-in near field communication (NFC) chip, which can connect wirelessly to the Wii U. When you enter Smash battle mode, you can tap amiibo’s NFC sensing area to add the characters to the game. Maybe you want to know How to create your Own amiibo NFC tags?

Get Your Game On

16、Wake you up

It’s hard to get up. Here is a good idea: create an NFC sticker and place it somewhere you can’t reach, like a bathroom. When the alarm goes off, you must let your phone touch it, or it will keep ringing until you get up.

Wake you up

17、Quick dial

If you find it too troublesome to find a contact through your address book or open a gadget, you can put an NFC tag in the corner of your computer screen so that you can call a designated contact simply by touching the tag with your NFC-enable phone.

Quick dial

18、Save Battery

As all we know, smartphones consume a lot of electricity. So how do you make it last longer? Set an NFC tag and stick it on the head of the bed or backpack so that we can turn off some power-consuming functions, such as Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and other battery-draining accessories, while you sleep or on the subway.

Save Battery

19、Motion Timing

In many marathons, each runner is equipped with an NFC wristband to record and monitor time. After recording at the checkpoint, the athlete can know the segmented route’s time and on the whole journey. And the information will be uploaded to the Web page and other bulletin boards.

Of course, you can also use NFC wristbands to record and monitor your daily movements.

Motion Timing

20、Used for anti-counterfeiting

It is difficult for consumers to distinguish between fake products and genuine ones. Many brands now begin to use NFC anti-counterfeiting technology to affix NFC fragile anti-counterfeiting labels for their products.

As long as your phone has NFC function, you can read the NFC tag and know the product name, specification, production batch, production date, sales channel, and other information.

21、Faster Open APP

You must have this problem: there are so many apps on your mobile phone, and you cannot immediately find the one you want. I have a good idea that you can create an NFC tag to open the app you often use. Just tap it, and it will automatically open this app for you, faster and more convenient.

Faster Open APP

22、Keep the Meeting Quiet

The telephone is often heard ringing during meetings, which can easily affect the progress of the meeting. Set an NFC tag at the door of the conference room or on the table, and with a touch, it can put the phone into mute mode and keep the meeting quiet and orderly.

Keep the Meeting Quiet

23、Laundry Manage

Not afraid of high temperature, corrosion, or ravaging, the NFC laundry tag is so powerful. What can it do? It can identify and track large volumes of individual items more quickly and accurately. That is great for cloth printing and dyeing industry, laundry industry, medical logistics.

Laundry Manage

24、NFC Poster

NFC poster, also known as NFC interaction poster, is often used in movie posters or brand promotion. As early as 2012, Estee Lauder used NFC smart posters in a branding campaign. Besides, Samsung also used NFC interactive posters in its promotional activities.

When you touch the poster with your mobile phone, you can see the songs and stories selected for you by Samsung on your mobile phone. The combination of NFC technology and the traditional poster is amazing.

NFC Poster

25、Smart Ring

NFC ring is a wearable ring, stylish & versatile, small & powerful. You can use it as a bus card, pay for shopping or dining in the store, or open the door remotely.

Although these functions can be done with an NFC card and an NFC-enable phone or watch, it would be unusual if you could do it with just one ring.

Smart Ring

NFC tags are a very interesting and cheap product, and now more and more smartphones have NFC functions. As an enthusiast, you can try to explore different ways to play NFC tags. As an entrepreneur, you can think about how to combine your products with NFC technology to make your products stand out. We have listed some creative uses above, and we look forward to you to find more fun and innovative uses to share with us.

26、NFC Implant Tag

What can an NFC implant tag do? When you wake up in the morning and want to turn on the TV, you don’t have to look for the remote control; just wave to the TV, and the TV will turn on automatically. After breakfast, you don’t have to bring the key to work, wave to the door when you get home, and the door will open for you.

These bizarre things are likely to become a reality in the future, and all you have to do is implant a microchip in your body.

NFC Implant Tag

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