Why Hotels Use Key Cards Instead of Keys?


Most of us have used the hotel key card at least once in our lives. It is something we are all too familiar with. But why the hotel key card instead of the key? What are the types of hotel key cards? How does it work? If you are curious about these questions, we might as well find the answers together.

Hotel key card is very important for a hotel. Not only is it a key tool for guests to access the room, but also it is related to the safety of the hotel and the guests. Besides, it also represents the image of the hotel.

Common Hotel Key Card Types

The history of hotel key cards can almost be traced back to civilization itself. Hotel key technologies have changed over time, but our desire for security has always been the same. Powered by advanced technology, modern hotel cards are more secure and multifunctional. Let’s count the hotel room cards that you may have used.

Hotel Punch card, otherwise known as Hole Card, is rarely used today that is a very old hotel key system. Magnetic stripe cards are an affordable option for large hotels, easy to use. But, they are prone to break down quickly and are less secure than some other options. Nowadays, more and more hotels and resorts adopt RFID technology to perfect their access control system, that is, RFID hotel key card.

RFID hotel key card, you can call it smart cards, is smarter and more convenient than other cards. Based on RFID technology, it can achieve more function. RFID hotel card has an RFID chip that can be programmed. It allows you to write lots of information into it to realize some special functions.

For instance, RFID smart cards can be used to access to facilities other than hotel rooms, such as restaurants, gyms, laundries, etc.
In addition, due to enhanced security and encryption standards, some RFID hotel key cards have payment capacity. That is very convenient for guests.

An important reason why RFID smart cards are so popular is RFID cards come in many styles. Because all its functions rely on RFID chips, so it can be encapsulated into a variety of forms. For example, standard IC cards, RFID epoxy cards, RFID wristbands, etc.

And for each form, there are also many choices, including various materials, diverse chips, different colors, etc. Hoteliers can customize the unique hotel key cards to provide a better experience for guests. Compared with other hotel key cards, RFID smart card is a perfect solution to make hotels unique.

How Does RFID Hotel Card Work?

RFID Hotel room card is a kind of radio frequency identification technology, which is used to control, detect, and track objects. The system often consists of an interrogator (or reader) and many transponders (or tags).

The basic working principle is not complicated. When the RFID tag, that is, the hotel room card, enters the magnetic field, the reader installed on the door will send the RF signal. Then the smart card will be activated and send the stored information. The reader will read and decode it and send it to the central information system for relevant data processing. After confirming, the door lock opens automatically.

Why Hotels Use Key Cards Instead of Keys?

Through the above description of the hotel key card, I believe you must know something about why the hotel prefers the hotel key card. Let’s make a systematic summary. Compared with the key, what are the irreplaceable points of the hotel key card?

First of all, it is cost-effective in the long term. As an enterprise, cost control is not limited to the size of the mechanical key and the room card itself. And once the mechanical key hotel access card price is lost, it must be replaced by a room door lock. For guests, the price of compensation is too high. Changing locks is also a troublesome thing for the hotel.

Second, RFID hotel cards are more secure. Safety is the top priority of the hotel. Once the mechanical key is lost, from the point of view of guest property security, the hotel must change the lock of the room before it can be reused. With RFID cards, guests only need to inform the front desk that the room card has been lost. And the front desk only needs to change a new key card.

Third, it is convenient for hotel management. With the electronic key card, the hotel can take the initiative to control the room. Even if the guest does not return the room card to the front desk, it will not affect the accommodation of the next guest. Moreover, the versatility of RFID hotel key cards can also achieve integrated financial management.

Fourth, it can be set flexibly. The mechanical key can not read any data, but the RFID smart card can read the time of any room card, which room door or any door can be opened through the system.

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